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Video annotation is the process of labeling or tagging video clips often used to train computer vision models for multiple applications. It involves tagging/labeling objects in each frame of the video.

types of Video Annotation

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AI video annotation

Pose Recognition

The human postures can be recognized using video annotation. Machines are trained to distinguish the facial emotion of individuals and their movements while performing a variety of tasks.Deiteo offers top-notch video annotation services with caution to ensure the best quality dataset for your AI application.

Semantic Video Annotation

In video annotation, images are annotated using various image annotation techniques. It can label certain parts of the image to full segmentation. Every pixel is annotated with tits semantic meaning, helping the Computer Vision model to work with its highest quality. Deiteo works with video segmentation annotation for a visual-based perception model.

AI video annotation
AI video annotation

Objects Tracking for Self-driving Cars

Video annotation will provide an in-depth visual perception of autonomous vehicles by recognizing various types of objects like pedestrians, street lights, signboards, traffic lanes, signals, cyclists, or cars moving on the road. To create a ground-truth AI model for self-driving cars, Deiteo offers a frame annotation service utilising a video annotation tool.

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